Post Title. 09/16/2008

So im back in Newcastle.Its stragnge how the town you grew up in always seems to stay the same even when it changes. Newy is going through alot of huge changes but its still just Newy.
I put up 2 new junkys on the way down and one since ive been back. Pics to come.

The other day a friend in Melbourne called me and told me that they spotted a young family pointing out my Junkyprojects as they walked. My friend told them that she knew the guy who made them and they said to tell me that they love my work. They had just moved to Melb from Perth and the kids didnt really like Melb and werent settling in very welll but then they started spotting my junkyprojects everywhere and they like Melbourne now and want to stay. The parents started calling them Junk bugs to prevent the kids calling out on the streets "theres another junky". Also they said they found my Flickr page and know the names of all my critters and now refer to them by name. These types of stories keep me motivated to continue doing my work.



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